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Use Cases

Competitor and peer ESG positioning

Understand what your peers are saying and what they are not saying. Discover ESG themes to better help your operational and strategic decisions.

ESG trend analysis

When will an ESG theme become a ’trend’? We help you decipher what might be the next big ESG shift.

Supply Chain Intelligence

Use our platform to load and track your suppliers. We act as an early warning system to know if there might be a problem, before there is a problem.

White label implementation

IR, PR, and ESG consultancies can use a localized white-label version of Cometrics to seamless deliver unique ESG content to your clients.

Alternate datasets

Our open API can deliver instant and unique content to support your existing content delivery system. Provide a complete picture with Cometrics' positioning data.

New Business Development

Retain and win new business with our unique content and insights.