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A unique platform for tracking ESG positioning

Search in real-time for breaking ESG themes across multiple sectors to better understand the ESG positioning of your peers and competitors.


ESG Platform Subscriptions

ESG Positioning Reports

Create, compare and contrast the ESG Positioning of your peers and competitors.

Search By Themes

Search by ESG theme, keyword, or competitor and share results with colleagues.

Create Custom Alerts

Create alerts and get instantly notified if your competitor has communicated along a new theme, or continues with previous themes.

Weekly Reports

Receive a current and quick snapshot of the most important communications within your sector. Delivered to an unlimited number of users to the client and client partners, if required.


Keep a pulse on trends inside – and outside - your industry sector. Our analysts will help you define and refine your ESG go-to-market strategies.

C-level and Board Comms

Monitor and track communications from key executives and board members to see who is effectively communicating or potentially creating risk. 

White Label Implementations

PR, IR and ESG consultants can use a white label version of the Cometrics service to seamlessly deliver unique content to your clients. Our White Label service includes:

  • Customizable tracking – Tell us which companies to track and all relevant content will appear, neatly sorted by ESG theme. 


  • Customized Branding – We will localize the service to reflect your company’s unique branding assets. Billing and Admin – Our easy to use billing and administrative interface allows non-technical resources to provide, modify and even invoice for service.

Alternate Datasets

Our open API can deliver instant and unique content to support your existing content delivery system. We support customized company and sector tracking and can easily deliver results via our RESTful API.