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About Us

Cometrics' custom reporting and AI-driven platform aggregates, filters and distills the ESG positioning of market leaders, key stakeholders and competitors. 


We keep a live tab on corporations, organizations, and key stakeholder communications to deliver concise reports and searches, neatly organized by ESG themes and messages. We have developed a series of proprietary human-curated, AI-generated heuristics that we apply to corporate communications. 


The result is a service that provides easily searchable themes across many industry sectors to help them make better strategic and operational decisions. We deliver a holistic view of how and what your competitors are communicating to better reveal their ESG positioning. 


We look at a company's public communications ranging from paid advertising, social chatter, sustainability documents and executive speeches. We also track key executives and Board members to see if their communications and messaging are in line with those of the corporation. If you are a Public Relations expert, industry stakeholder, strategic planner, communications staff, IR professional, or governmental organization, the Cometrics service delivers ESG positioning data which is easily searchable, and sorted by theme across multiple industries.


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