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We thematically benchmark and identify the white spaces in your competitive landscape and enable your organisation to deepen your narrative around sustainability and strategic communications issues.

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A holistic collection of all relevant public-facing communications

We track all public facing communications including annual reports, sustainability documentation, social communications, paid advertising, executive and board chatter, sponsorships, public events and podcasts to generate a unique communications footprint.

Unlike Social Media Listening and Sentiment Tools, we cover a wide array of communications types and not only social media. The result is a complete and holistic picture of everything that your competitors and industry peers are communicating.

Identify and manage Board and Executive communication risks

WPP Executive comment on Social Media

Track communications, before, during and after crisis events

Identify and resolve liabilities, before they occur

Compare the communication styles and strategies across competitors

Receive instant alerts

AI-driven, human-curated data

Utilize our dataset and AI models to automatically tag harmonize your internal content with relevant themes and categories

Our data can also be exported to alternate platforms and integrated using our API endpoints and subscribers can import their own data for inclusion.


Ask CLAIR, our AI-assistant, to uncover hidden insights. Whether you're exploring market trends or seeking specific data points, CLAIR provides deep insights instantly.

WPP Executive comment on Social Media

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